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Create your first project and your very first VFX form with the builders on the fly. Start your new application and test the rich set of end user features. And find out about the following important features of Visual Extend:


We do even have customers that moved existing VFP-applications to VFX to reduce the burden of maintenance! For 1,55 EURO per day they can use our update wizard and extend their application with enough new features every year so that no customer complains regarding maintenance updates any more...

Produkt Information


The current version is:
Visual Extend 18.0 for Visual FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 2
with another large set of new features.



Our framework includes source code of all programs and class libraries as well as of various sample applications. The newest build is always available for download in the internet, see our download page and news tab!

Register online at http://register.visualextend.de today for a free 30 days full functional test of older version. See the new links at the Register-tab to obtain a free trial key for Visual Extend.

From version 9.0 on you can use our registration wizard instead of online register form for local registration and download of activation keys for trial/final version and replacement keys via our web service. See page Registration for details

The next builds of Visual Extend are under production. Additional information can be found at the tab Future on this website. Have a look at the News tab for a list of new features in each new build.


Downloads available for the current version:

Download VFX 18.0 here VFX18Setup.exe (Websetup, please execute!)

English Manual VFX18UserManual.pdf (included in setup)

Test application VFX18Test.zip

Tastrade example VFX18Traders.zip

Client/Server example VFPizza18.zip

VFX-Community Taskpane

Standalone Setup VFX18SetupStandalone.EXE

Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 Runtime Installer with English Interface VFP9SP2RuntimeEngSetup.exe incl. GDI+-Patch and VFP-Build 6602


How to Order Visual Extend

The full version of VFX is EUR 849,- incl. 19% V.A.T. including 1 year of free maintenance builds / new versions and online-support in our forum/newsgroup.

Please order the full version of Visual Extend including source code, SilverSwitch and other components including 1 year of updates and online support in our forum / newsgroups via email to bestellungen@dfpug.de (and wire transfer) or directly via the PayPal button below for credit card / PayPal payments. You will receive a printed bill and an email with your access codes after order and payment processing:


Updates are included in the subscription and not available separately.

Please extend your maintenance and support contract for Visual Extend including SilverSwitch and all other components for 1 year including all updates and online suppport in our forum / news groups via email to bestellungen@dfpug.de (and wire transfer) or directly via the PayPal button below for credit card / PayPal payments. You will receive a printed bill and an email with your access codes after order and payment processing:


The full version comes with an annual subscription for maintenance and new builds/versions included so you do not miss any new version or fixes. The subscription is prolonged every 12 months for EUR 569,- incl. 19% V.A.T. Remark: Depending on your country and your tax exempt status the 19% V.A.T. might not apply!


About Visual Extend and the Producer

Visual Extend is the framework for Visual FoxPro which has made the largest leaps forward in the last years due to massive investments in new features and tools. The concept of rapid application development has been extended to Client/Server-applications with complete support for CursorAdaptor. It is by far the market-leader in the German-speaking countries. One third of selling and half of the revenues are from NEW customers. This guarantees continuity in development and maintenance. We thank our large developer community for ongoing support.

The FoxPro User Group of German language Inc., dFPUG, looks after about 400 member companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It has been organizing the very successful German VFP DevCon since 1994, see http://devcon.dfpug.de.

You can have a look public documents in the document portal at http://portal.dfpug.de/dfpug, at the ample conference proceedings at http://devon.dfpug.de and our periodical 'FoxRockX' (24 printed pages A4 bimonthly) at http://www.foxrockx.com.