Dear customer of VFX,
first of all, many thanks for your order of Visual Extend, version 8.0. Regrettably we can generate your Visual Extend activation key only on the base of a registration number which has to be put in online. To avoid any misunderstandings, there are a few explanations on the procedure:

1) Please download the new version of VFX 8.0 first and install it (if necessary, see the short instruction on the page concerning the test version). At the first start, your individual product key appears. You need it for the registration.

2) Then visit the website www.visualextend.de and open the tab "registration" (in German, "Anmeldung"). In "Register online" you will find a registration form. Then there are two possibilities: If you already have a user entry for VFX 7, you can update it to VFX 8, and when reopening the page later, choose the version VFX 8 in the combo box at the bottom. New customers just put in their entry based on the version VFX 8. In both cases we need an e-mail address and a password of your own choice. You can have the password mailed to you again if necessary.

3) In the registration, the product key of your preliminary VFX installation is needed. That is the key which appears at the first start or after the trial period has passed. After you have put it in, you receive a trial key by e-mail. Our office will send the final activation key according to your database entry after we have checked the arrival of your payment. We can generate your final activation key only after you have put in your registration key.

If problems with your registration persist, you can also mail us the displayed registration key of VFX 8 plus the e-mail address and the password of your entry for VFX7, and we quickly put in the changes for you. For this, please only use the mail recipient mailto:vfx@dfpug.de because with a mail addressed to an individual, nobody else of our staff can process it.

Below you find a short FAQ list with hints to the themes most often demanded:

Spam filters:
In a growing percentage of the cases, our automatically generated mails are being filtered away by spam filters. If you do not receive the automatically and instantly generated mail with the trial key, please check your spam filter settings first.

Replacement keys:
After the successful activation, you can request replacement keys (e.g. for new hardware or a reinstallation) or additional keys (e.g. for your own second workplace) from the website. This happens without any activity on our side; thus you needn't take care of the opening times of our office.

We have bank accounts in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We can send you international payment conditions for payments via SWIFT. But you can also make a credit card payment using the PayPal links listed in the appendix. Value added tax does not at all apply to anybody from outside the European Union who orders goods from us.

Technical questions:
We are pleased to answer your technical questions in the German and English sections of the dFPUG's special forum about Visual Extend - see http://forum.dfpug.de. There you can register at no cost with a password of your own choice in the Options menu. The sections also exist as newsgroups for readers, but please post questions in the forum only as otherwise you disable our Wiki-link to word written in CamelCase.

A lot of documents about the framework Visual Extend are available not only on the Visual Extend website, but also in the dFPUG's document portal at http://portal.dfpug.de. Search not only in the area "Dokumente/VisualExtend", but also in the category "Werkzeuge/VisualExtend" (maybe combined with the category "English"), or use our document overview on the VFX website (German pages only, sorry).

As a part of the dFPUG's e-newsletter, we deliver information online for free about the essential things concerning Visual FoxPro and Visual Extend. So register now with you e-mail address and a password of your choice at http://newsletter.dfpug.de so that you won't miss important bits of information. Sorry again, German language only!

New builds:
When you register on the register page of Visual Extend, please tick the field "eMail Notification". Then you receive english group mails whenever a new build is available. This happens several times a year. The e-mail notification flag is used solely for this purpose. All other information is being distributed via the e-newsletter. There is a new build available of VFX8.0 right now with some bug fixing and lots of smaller and larger enhancements.

Various update conditions:
You can receive your licence of Visual Fox Pro 8.0 as an update on the versions 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0 of Visual FoxPro (at least for the time being), losing the previous licence. You can receive your Visual Extend 8.0 update licence only as an update on the Versions 7.0 and 7.1 of Visual Extend, keeping the previous licence. However, support takes place only for the newest version at any time. The German-speaking FoxPro User Group dFPUG offers considerably reduced package prices for the purchase of both updates or both full versions (VFP 8.0 and VFX 8.0) - see the online order form.